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Sharma Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.
Sharma Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

Leading edge orthopedic products including Locking Plates & Locking Screws, Bone Plates, Bone Screws, Interlocking Nails, Nail Caps, Segmental Spinal Systems, Arthoscopy Implants, Total Knee & Total Hip Replacements, etc....


The demand for orthopedic implants is catching pace and is expected to increase in the near future. The market for reconstructive joint replacements will gain upward momentum from an aging population and the widespread prevalence of physically active lifestyles. Knees and hips, which are highly vulnerable to degeneration caused by arthritic conditions, will continue to account for the vast majority of reconstructive joint replacements. Among other reconstructive joint replacements, shoulder systems will post the strongest demand. Spinal implants will show strong growth due to advancements in product technologies and related surgical techniques, coupled with an increasing prevalence of chronic back conditions. These will boost the demand for Locking Plates & Locking Screws, Bone Plates, Bone Screws, Interlocking Nails, Nail Caps, Segmental Spinal Systems, Arthoscopy Implants, Total Knee & Total Hip Replacements, etc.

About Us
Sharma Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of orthopedics implants and Instruments. Our product range includes Locking Plates & Locking Screws, Bone Plates, Bone Screws, Interlocking Nails, Nail Caps, Segmental Spinal Systems, Arthoscopy Implants, Total Knee & Total Hip Replacements, etc. We aim to provide affordable and high quality medical products that would provide a complete solution in the field of orthopedics re-enabling the restricted mobility of the patient and restoring freedom at will. Our company regularly exports to several countries in Europe, Gulf and Latin America. 

Product Range     
  • Locking Plates & Locking Screws - Locking Screw, Cancallaus Locking Screw (16th), Reconstruction Plate with Locked Plating, Proximal Humerus with locked Plating, DCP Small with Locked Plating, Distal Radius with Locked Plating, DCP Narrow with Locked Plating, Spacer, Oblique T-Plate with Locked Plating, DCP Broad with Locked Plating, Distal Femoral with Locked Plating, Tibial Lateral Plate with Locked Plating, LPPHP With Locked Plating, Femoral Condylar Buttress Plate with Locked Plating
  • Bone Plates - Unique Tibial Lateral Plate, Unique DCS Plate, Unique L Buttress - Plate, Unique Condylar Buttress Plate, Unique DHS Lag Screw, Unique T Buttress - Plate, Unique Cloverleaf Plate, Unique DCP Small, Unique Y-Plate, Unique DHS Plate (DC Hole), Unique DCP Narrow, Unique Reconstruction Plate, Unique DHS Plate (Round Hole), Unique DCP Broad, Unique DHS Compression Screw
  • Bone Screws - 4mm Cancallaus Screw (16mm) (c), 7.0 mm cc, 3.5mm Cortical Screw (14tpi), 4mm Cancallaus Screw (16mm), 8.0mm Locking Bolt (c)-2, 3.7mm Locking Bolt, 5mm Locking Bolt, 8.0mm Locking Bolt (c), 3mm Locking Screw, 5.0mm Cc, 8.0mm Cc, 4mm Locking Bolt, 6.5mm Cancallaus Screw(16mm), 3.5mm Cortical Screw (20tpi), 4.5mm Cortical Screw, 6.0mm Locking Bolt (c), 6.5mm Cancallaus Screw (32mm), 4.5mm Malleolar Screw, 6.0mm Locking Bolt(s)
  • Interlocking Nails - Easy Uni. Femur Nail, Standard Femur Nail, SS TN Nail, Easy Uni. Tibia Nail, Femur Nail, Subtrochanteric Nail, Uni. Femur Nail, Tibia Nail, Humerus Nail, Uni.Tibia Nail, D&S Nail, Reconstruction Nail, Ankle Arthodesis Nail, DIMSC Nail, Radius or Ulna Nail, Retrograde Femur Nail, Flexible Nail, Gam Nail
  • Nail Caps - Nail Cap for IMSC & Tibia, Inner Nail Cap
  • Segmental Spinal Systems - Unique Poly Sacral Screw, Unique Leminar Hook (Angle Blade), Unique Inner Screw, Unique Mono Sacral Screw, Unique Transverse Process Hook (Left), Unique Outer Screw, Unique Pedicle Hook, Unique Transverse Process Hook (Right), Unique Rod (3mm), Unique Leminar Hook (Reduced Distance)
  • Arthoscopy Implants - Unique Acl Screw, Unique Endo Button, Unique Suture Disk
  • Total Knee & Total Hip Replacements - Shoulder Prosthesis, Unique Hip Prosthesis.

Quality Assurance
Sharma Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. lays special emphasis on achieving customer satisfaction by demonstrating the ability to consistently provide products that meet and exceed customer requirements. We have a full-fledged machine shop with sophisticated, state-of-the-art machinery required to meet the challenging, stringent quality requirements of Orthopaedic implants and the high levels of accuracy required for the instruments used in joint replacement and other critical surgical operations.

Besides, our company also has a sterilization facility for sterile operations. The quality laboratory is equipped with latest tools and instruments, maintaining strict quality standards demanded by orthopedics. Documentation of the entire manufacturing process enables tracking of lots and batches, facilitating traceability. The following reports are maintained in the entire production process:-

  • Material Test Certificates
  • Stage-Inspection
  • Final Inspection.
Our quality system has been awarded with CE Mark, ISO 13485: 2003 and ISO 9001: 2000. 

Research & Development  
Always in search of better solutions for orthopedic surgeons & users, our R&D professionals are working closely with orthopedic surgeons to find out their problems and provide apt solutions. Our state-of-the-art R&D division works incessantly to offer products that improve the lives of people. We aim to be an effective solutions provider to physicians worldwide by designing, manufacturing and exporting leading edge orthopedic products that would improve the quality of life.



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